Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
Charity Steward's Handbook
The Lodge Charity Steward’s Handbook, produced by W. Bro. Brian Ward Provincial Grand Charity Steward, is the first of a series of handbooks for Lodge Officers published in the Mark Province of Kent to assist them in effectively carrying out their duties for the benefit of our members.

Charity Steward's Handbook

The handbook has been designed with the sole purpose of making the role of a Lodge Charity Steward as easy as possible by following a few simple rules, and providing helpful information to fulfil the role to the mutual satisfaction of both the postholder and the Lodge.

The handbook can be downloaded here in pdf format, however each Lodge Charity Steward will receive their own hard copy detailing things such as:

  • The duties of the Lodge Charity Steward
  • The duties of the Provincial Grand Charity Steward
  • The Mark and Kent Mark Benevolent Funds
  • Making Relief Chest Payments
  • Guidelines on how to apply for Grants
As Brian says, "My personal message to you as a Lodge Charity Steward is make it fun and enjoy the role".