Three Double Bonus Ball Winners!
Festival Lapel PinAfter all the planning and the advertising, Bonus Ball Game 1 has now come to an end. As the initiative really begins to take off, Game 4 is already poised to launch!

Taking part in the weekly Saturday bonus ball draw has proved to be a popular and fun way of supporting the Festival. Every week, an entrant in each game wins £25 when his bonus ball number is drawn.

There is no limit on the numbers that can be purchased per game and Lodges are encouraged to participate as well as individuals. Some brethren have already spread their entries across multiple games.

The bonus ball draw is, of course, completely random. It would not be possible to predict a pattern with random draws.

It is, therefore, noteworthy that there have already been three double winners since the games commenced! This is against the odds and illustrates the unpredictable and enjoyable nature of the game.

The three lucky double winners are pictured below, from left to right, WBro Steve Rozier, WBro Graham raven and Bro George delves. Bro George was, in fact, the first winner of the first game!

If you have yet to take part in the Bonus Ball Initiative, please do consider doing so. It's good fun, it supports the 2020 Festival and, above all, it supports the great work of the Mark Benevolent Fund.

Applications can be obtained form the Provincial Grand Charity Stewards, WBro Ian Gallehawk, email:

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