Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
Amherst Lodge No.266 Celebrates Trafalgar Night

W.Bro John Meyer the Master of the Amherst Lodge 266 and his wife Jooles welcomed 4o guests to the Sandgate Masonic centre on the 23rd of October to celebrate and commemorate Trafalgar Night. The dining hall had been (with a bit of imagination) transformed into a ships deck to enhance the evening and several of the male guest wore uniform to further support the ambiance.

Bro Leigh Marshall bugled a start to evening’s proceedings with a call for the ‘officers to come to supper’. This was followed by a very brief insight into battle of Trafalgar by the WM and what the victory meant to the country.

A selection of scrumptious food was served up from the galley by a few pressed maidens under the ever watchful eye of the WM's wife Jooles and washed down by an amble supply of grog (masquerading as Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir). The loyal toast was taken seated as naval tradition dictates followed by the ceremony of passing the port which of course is another naval tradition. To end the festivities a bottle of rum was passed around to extinguish any lingering thirst amongst the shipmates and the ladies

Amherst Lodge No.266 Celebrates Trafalgar Night Amherst Lodge No.266 Celebrates Trafalgar Night Amherst Lodge No.266 Celebrates Trafalgar Night

In closing the WM thanked everyone for coming and for their support and pledged that the profits of the evening which amounted to £300 would be passed on to the 2020 Festival in favour of the Amherst Mark Lodge No.266.

The photos above show some of the the 'Happy Shipmates' enjoying the evening and 'The Captain of the Ship' , W.Bro Jon Meyer and his wife Jooles.

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