Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
Bonus Ball Update

The Province's Bonus Ball Initiative in support of the Kent Mark 2020 Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund, was launched with the commencement of Game 1 on 27 September 2014. At the time of writing we were in the midst of Game 27, with each game lasting 10 weeks.

To date, with monies from the sale of numbers and the donation of winnings, the initiative has raised over £10,000 for the Festival.

Bonus Ball Update

R.W. Bro. Archie Torrance PGM, whose wife Maggie was a winner in Game 26, sent his "Grateful thanks" to W. Bro. Ian Gallehawk APGM "for all his hard work running the Lottery Bonus Ball scheme for us. It is a great way to raise funds for the Festival and it is a little bit of fun too."

Rules for participation and the application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Why not get up a syndicate or two in your Lodge and challenge your neighbours?

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