Festival News
Event   Event Date
Hope Springs Exulting on Triumphant Wing - 2019 Burns Night   29.01.2019
Previous Events and News from 2018

Event   Event Date
Two-Thirds of Lodges Achieve 2020 Festival Bronze Award   22.11.2018
Folkestone Mark Halloween Party   10.18
Granville Murder Mystery Night Was A Lively Occasion   21.10.2018
2018 Fine Dining Evening   13.10.2018
London Mark Golf Day 2018 raises £1100 for the 2020 Festivalµ   30.08.2018
Amherst Mark Raise A Bottle Or Two For The 2020 Festival   n.a.
Order Your Own Kent Mark Linen Napkin   n.a.
Every Penny Counts   08.03.2018
Invicta Council Donate £500 To The 2020 Festival   06.03.2018
Bonus Ball Update   n.a.
2020 Festival Date Change   13.06.2020
Previous Events and News from 2017
Event   Event Date
1000 Days and Counting Update   18.12.2017
2020 Festival Donation From The Arthur Crick Trust   31.10.2017
2017 Fine Dining Evening - 1000 Days & Counting   21.10.2017
Donations received for 2020 Festival   30.09.2017
Lets Twist Again!   12.08.2017
A new way for your Friends and Families to donate to the 2020 Festival   n.a.
Party in the Park 2017   15.07.2017
Kent Mark Sponsored Walk 2017   30.07.2017
VW Bro Peter Ward qualifies as Mark Benevolent Fund Patron   05.07.2017
2020 Festival: Milestone Event – Date and Venue Confirmed   18.07.2020
MBF Awards at KIMM 999   24.06.2017
Deputy Provincial Grand Master Visits St Peter's Mark 842   01.06.2017
The Mark Benevolent Charity Walk held on the 6th May 2017 - A message from the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Archibald Iain Torrance   06.05.2017
Amherst Mark No. 266 stages an Afternoon at the Races   04.2017
United Service Mark No 69 – Visit by Deputy Provincial Grand Master   12.04.2017
St Peter’s Mark 842 Sponsors the MBF Walk   02.03.2017
Annual Burns' Night 2017   21.01.2017
Previous Events and News from 2016
Event   Event Date
An Evening of Fine Dining   22.10.2016
Amherst Mark Lodge No 266 Charity BBQ in support of the 2020 Festival   28.08.2016
Lord Harris 1494 and Erdemont 1894 Joint Sunday Lunch   21.08.2016
Sponsored Walk, June 2016   05.06.2016
New Hope For Tomorrow Vehicles launched by Martin Brundle   24.03.2016
Kent Mark Festival 2016   10.06.2016
Folkestone Royal Ark Mariners Lodge 380   25.05.2016
Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent announces the launch of the 2020 Festival Tie   15.05.2016
Fawlty Towers Evening at Amherst Mark   08.04.2016
Hope For Tomorrow in Action   31.03.2016
Thank You For The Music - Charity Buffet Dinner Evening for the 20/20 Kent Mark Festival   25.03.2016
Lodges unite for Special Fundraising Lunch in aid of the 2020 Festival   28.02.2016
Malling Abbey Mark 1425 – Supporting the 2020 Festival   17.02.2016
When biting Boreas, fell and doure, Sharp shivers thro' the leafless bow'r - The Mark Province of Kent Burns Supper and Disco   30.01.2016
Invicta Mark Lodge 378 Ladies Supper    
Previous Events and News from 2015
Event   Event Date
Silver Festival Award for Amherst Mark Lodge 266   26.11.2015
Invicta Mark drink a toast to the 2020 Festival   31.10.2015
Amherst Lodge No.266 Celebrates Trafalgar Night   23.10.2015
A Fine Dining Evening   24.10.2015
Party In The Park 2015   11.07.2015
Burns Supper and Disco   30.01.2015
Amherst Mark Lodge No. 266 Presentation   22.01.2015
Previous Events and News from 2014
Event Event Date
Three Double Bonus Ball Winners!   n.a.
Garden Party in support of the 2020 Festival   24.08.2014
Historic First Winner of the 2020 Bonus Ball Initiative   09.07.2014
Lord Harris 1494 and Erdemont 1894 hold 2020 Festival Joint Event   09.03.2014
Previous Events and News from 2013
Event Event Date
Address to a Haggis   n.a.