Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
Kent Mark Benevolent Fund
The K.M.B.F. was brought into existence in 1985 following the 117th M.B.F. Festival which was hosted by Kent.

Kent Mark Benevolent Fund

There were two major objectives, Benevolence and Charity. Benevolence is focused internally within the order whilst Charity is focused externally. The function of benevolence is to support Mark Master Masons and their dependents within the Province who are in need of assistance.

The Board of Trustees charged with administering the K.M.B.F. consists of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master (Chair), Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and the Provincial Grand Treasurer (ex officio). Past role holders can be invited to remain as Trustees if it is desirable to do so to preserve continuity.

The Provincial Grand Almoner has the strategic lead for Benevolence across the Province. As soon as a brother or his family is identified as being in distress, the first point of contact should be his Lodge Almoner. If the matter cannot be resolved by the Lodge, then the Lodge Almoner must immediately contact the Provincial Grand Almoner who will obtain all the necessary information and complete a K.M.B.F. petition for relief form. On completion, this form will be passed to the Chair of the K.M.B.F. Board of Trustees who will in turn forward it to the Trustees for their views. The Chair will collate those views and inform the Provincial Grand Almoner of their final decision. In each case, time is of the essence and ought to be avoided so that speedy relief can be delivered to those in need.

Managing Applications to the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund

Managing Applications to the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund Managing Applications to the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund

In all cases, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward or Provincial Grand Almoner will ensure that all completed applications are stored for future reference.

Click here to download the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund Petition for Relief Grant form