Kent Mark Benevolent Fund
The main objectives of the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund are threefold:

  1. The relief and support of distressed Mark Master Masons of the Province, or their dependents as a matter of immediacy. We can dispense prompt and direct help while further assistance is sought from the Mark Benevolent Fund, Craft Charities or Social Services. Speed of reaction is our watchword.
  2. To support in a major way the various craft Festivals of East and West Kent.
  3. To support each year the Provincial Grand Master chairing the Festival of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons’ Fund of Benevolence (the full title!).
Monies for our Provincial Fund are raised via charitable donations from Lodges, results of Lodge raffles and other fund-raising activities. The sponsorship and help given by Lodges and Charity Stewards in support of the Province of Kent’s annual functions, whether Garden Parties or Festivals of Ritual, has been absolutely incredible and is so much appreciated.

The 2012 festival of Ancient Mark Ritual By the Sussex Re-enactment team was a great success with everyone enjoying a splendid Demonstration and festive board afterward. The 2013 Festival is still in it’s early planning stages and as soon as there is further news it will appear here and also be circulated to Lodge Secretaries and Charity Stewards

From donations made to our Fund, Lodges and members can qualify for Patronage of the Mark Fund of Benevolence. From Vice-Patron upwards Collarettes and Jewels are awarded. The following scales of contribution apply:

Brethren Ladies/Lewis Lodges
Life Subscriber £50.00 £25.00 n/a
Life Governor £100.00 £50.00 n/a
Vice-Patron £250.00 £125.00 £250.00 per 10 members
Patron £500.00 £250.00 £500.00 per 10 members
Grand Patron £1000.00 _ After Patron Status, a further £1000.00
Grand Patron Gold Award £2500.00 £1250.00 Grand Patron Status plus £2500.00

Qualifiers as Grand Patron will receive the distinctive Collarette and Jewel which will be presented by the Provincial Grand Master. Forms for making Gift Aid donations to our Fund, either as one-offs or by regular giving are available here.

We trust you have found this interesting and informative and helpful in understanding our Fund.

Brian Ward
Provincial Grand Charity Steward