Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent

Lodge of Instruction
Do you need a Mark or R.A.M. Lodge of Instruction? Well, there are several in Kent, open to all, which will make you most welcome:

Kentish Lodges of Instruction:

Royal Oak Mark & R.A.M. Lodge of Instruction:

Provincial Grand Master’s Demonstration Team: NB it is recommended that you check with the respective secretary before making an unexpected visit.
East Kent: Rod Maytum, Tel: 01304 379411; Email:
West Kent: Michael Plant, Tel: 01892 617072; Email:

If you would like your Lodge Of Instruction mentioned here, then submit details by clicking this link.

The Grand Master's Lodges of Instruction meet on the first and third Mondays from September to March at Mark Mason’s Hall, St. James’s Street, London, SW1A 1PL, where the Mark Advancement Ceremony and the R.A.M. Elevation Ceremony (starting at 5.00pm), and the Mark and R.A.M. Installation Ceremonies (starting at 4.15pm) are rehearsed on a regular basis.