Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
Mark Benevolent Fund

The Mark Benevolent Fund came into existence in 1868 at the suggestion of M.W. Bro. Reverend George Raymond Portal, Grand Master of the Order of Mark Master Masons. He had a very strong belief that for a charity to be effective it had to disburse funds swiftly. In his opinion, it was wrong for there to be any delay in providing assistance to those in need and his own Latin motto of “Bis dat qui cito dat” - he gives twice who gives promptly – became, and still is, the principle guideline of the M.B.F.

When a Lodge Almoner becomes aware of a brother or his family in distress, he should immediately arrange a visit by himself or a Visiting Brother to assess the situation and then complete the MBF Petition for Relief Grant application form with as much detail as possible. This must then be passed to the Mark Benevolent Fund via the Provincial Grand Almoner and his team without delay. It is NOT the role of the Lodge Almoner to decide whether a case is suitable for financial support or not.

Chair and Members of the MBF Petitions Committee
  • R.W. Bro. H. Keith Emmerson, G.M.R.A.C. P.Dep.G.M. P.Prov.G.M.(Hertfordshire)[Chair]
  • R.W. Bro. David F. Ashbolt, Dep.Pres.M.B.F. P.Prov.G.M. (London)
  • R.W. Bro. Archibald I. Torrance, Prov.G.M. (Kent)
  • R.W. Bro. Michael J.L. Whelan, Prov.G.M. (Dorset)
  • R.W. Bro. Ian N. Clark, G.M.R.A.C. Prov.G.M. (Surrey)