Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
Provincial Grand Master’s Discretionary Fund

This fund was launched on the 7th May 2020 in direct response to the Coronavirus Pandemic which has affected us all in some way.

Provincial Grand Master’s Discretionary Fund

The fund provides an additional avenue of support for members who may find themselves in financial difficulty, for example, struggling to pay annual membership subscriptions to their Lodge.

It is intended to provide quick relief, with the minimum of bureaucracy, and compliments the support which is available from other Masonic sources such as the Mark Benevolent Fund, the Kent Mark Benevolent fund, the Masonic Charitable Foundation and other Masonic charities.

PGM's Discretionary Fund - Terms of Reference


The coronavirus pandemic has led to the introduction of social distancing measures and a lockdown on movement outside people’s homes. This has meant that some members have lost their jobs or are otherwise facing financial hardship. Other members have had to suspend their businesses or have closed their company all together; not to mention the impact of the loss of family members, employees, etc. Some members are already thinking about resigning their memberships of Mark and R.A.M. Lodges because they are facing financial hardship.


To provide short term financial relief to members in need.

Sources of funding:
  • an initial emergency grant of £5,000 from the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund (KMBF)
  • fees of honour for Provincial appointments and promotions diverted from the General Fund to this new Discretionary Fund
  • savings from a decrease in the annual print run of Kent Masonic (red) Yearbooks to be deposited in this new Discretionary Fund
  • a fundraising appeal to members [yet to be decided]
  • the needs of the Brother are urgent
  • the Lodge Almoner or Provincial Almoner considers the application is justified
  • Government and Local Authority support has been considered
  • the Mark or R.A.M. Lodge itself has considered how it can assist their member
  • MBF and KMBF policy does not allow for support in such cases or a petition for relief has been declined
  • the Prov.G.M. will make every decision himself and his decision is final; there is no right of appeal
  • each case will be decided on its own merits
  • all applications must be routed through the Provincial Almoner or Provincial Secretary
  • the Provincial Almoner or Provincial Secretary discusses the case with the Prov.G.M.
  • the Prov.G.M. makes a decision and, if approved, directs the Provincial Treasurer to make electronic payment direct to the Lodge bank account and notifies the Lodge Treasurer and Almoner
  • the applicant is informed of the PGM’s decision through the Lodge Almoner or direct, whichever is most appropriate
  • the Provincial Almoner, Provincial Secretary and Provincial Treasurer make suitable records

The general rules around confidentiality in welfare cases applies.

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