Second Hand Regalia Exchange
At a time of ever increasing costs, brethren are invited to take advantage of a Regalia Exchange Service. This service is open to members of any Masonic Order who are promoted, or expecting promotion, whether within the Lodge/Chapter/Conclave etc., or Provincial or Grand Honours.

Quite simply tell us what regalia you have and what regalia you require. If you only want to dispose of any regalia sitting in a drawer, it is just as easy. Tell us what you have, or hand the regalia to us, and we will arrange to sell it for you.

In the case of sales, you donate the regalia. In all instances, profits will be applied to the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund. If you do not have anything to 'swap', it does not matter. Whatever you require, ask us and we will see if we can help.

All enquiries should be made to:

Craft and Chapter Supplies
Jason Cameron-Potter
43 Twydall Lane

Telephone: 07833 710575


All other Masonic Order Supplies
David P. Barden
605 Maidstone Road
Blue Bell Hill Village
Kent ME5 9QX

Telephone: 01634 668356