Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent
The Silver Pin of Excellence
The Silver Pin of Excellence was introduced in 2001 to encourage a higher standard of ritual in Lodges throughout the Province. It was originally referred as the 'Perfect Ceremony' but it was soon thought that minor tolerance levels should be permitted so that its award would be more of an achievable target. Some examples of these minor errors would be exchanging “if” for “but” and “the” for “this” provided that the import of phrase was not materially altered.

If a word of a similar meaning was used i.e. “select” instead of “choose” this may not in itself cause a failure but, of course, this could not be allowed to keep recurring. Obviously if a line or sentence of the ritual was omitted or a prompt given this would cause the attempt to fail.

Each attempt needs an Adjudicator, appointed by the Province, to be present to assess the work.

Successful Brethren are presented with a Silver Pin, usually by the PGM on a suitable occasion to be worn on the lapel of the jacket. An endorsement is placed in the Ritual Book used for the attempt and is signed by the PGM. A Certificate of Achievement is also presented.

If you are a good ritualist and think you could attain the required standard why not make an attempt? You would need to have a Candidate being brought in to the Degree for the first time. If you are feeling confident enough to try you need to speak to your Lodge Secretary or Scribe in the first instance so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Each attempt needs an Adjudicator, appointed by the Province, to be present to assess the work. In the time that the award has been running fourteen Brethren have been successful in the Mark degree and nine in the Royal Ark Mariner. Seven of these Brethren have achieved the 'Double': W. Bros. Kevin Taylor (Temple Lodge No. 322), Danny Firth (Lord Harris Lodge No. 1494), Ian Gallehawk (also Lord Harris Lodge No. 1494), Kevin Johnson (Westwood Lodge No. 1354), Roy Adams (Biggin Hill Lodge No.1557), David King (Gordon Lodge No. 364) and Lloyd Foster (Lord Harris No. 1494).

Kevin Taylor   Danny Firth   Ian Gallehawk
Kevin Johnson   Installed Masters   David King
    Lloyd Foster    

Mark Lodge Date WM
Temple No.322 17.11.01 Kevin Taylor
Richard Watts No.1461 29.11.01 David Bower
Lord Harris No.1494 10.12.02 Ray Collings
Lord Harris No.1494 18.02.05 Danny Firth
Malling Abbey No 1425 07.06.06 Chris King
Vale of Darenth No 1184 07.06.06 Stephen Dickson
Pentangle No 682 24.11.06 Paul Murton
Lord Harris No.1494 09.12.08 Ian Gallehawk
Westwood Lodge No. 1354 23.02.12 Kevin Johnson
Biggin Hill Lodge No.1557 22.04.13 Roy Adams
Erdemont No. 1894 11.09.14 Tom Quinn
Gordon No. 364 12.01.15 David King
Amherst Lodge No. 266 26.11.15 Jon Meyer
Lord Harris No. 1494 13.12.16 Lloyd Foster
R.A.M. Lodge Date WCdr
Temple No.322 16.11.02 Kevin Taylor
Lord Harris No 1494 17.02.06 Danny Firth
Biggin Hill No 1557 13.11.06 Roy Adams
Lord Harris No 1494 11.12.07 Ian Gallehawk
Biggin Hill No 1557 22.09.08 Kevin Johnson
Westwood No. 1354 26.02.09 David Jordan
Gordon No 364 05.03.14 David King
Granville No. 390 16.02.15 Rodney Maytum
Lord Harris No. 1494 08.05.15 Lloyd Foster