Eltham’s Clowns In The Sky charity is dedicated to the research and treatment of childhood brain tumours and to the welfare of affected children and their families. The charity provides sensory and other craft materials as well as children’s entertainers to engage children who are in hospital suffering from brain tumors

As a result of this generous donation from the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF) 42 hospitals across the country, including Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, Tunbridge Wells Hospital and Medway Maritime Hospital, will receive arts and craft materials to ensure that their sensory trolleys remain stocked throughout the year. These portable activity and sensory trolleys can be enjoyed at any time, and take the playroom to the child, providing a range of activities and distractions. They are designed to offer stimulation and fun activities during the times that playrooms may not be open, evenings and weekends, and also if a child is too poorly to leave their bed.

The delighted team at Medway Maritime Hospital can be seen here receiving their bespoke trolley and additional stocks of materials

Clowns In The Sky’s Donna Byrne said “Just how many smiles this news will bring, who knows? Every single hospital is now secure for their refills for a whole year.” She wrote to her charity trustees “So everyone, that is not just your Monday fix of smiles but should take you well into next week or longer. For me, I know it will be the highlight of the year, and has definitely put a different spin on the awful year of 2020.”

Darren Coleman-Heald, Charities Manager at Mark Masons’ Hall said, “The Mark Benevolent Fund is delighted to have joined forces with the Clowns in the Sky charity. This all-important project in providing the portable activity and sensory trolleys will bring simple pleasure to hundreds of children living in a hospital environment. The Mark Benevolent Fund is the official charity of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, the third largest branch of Freemasonry. Our 35,000 members will be pleased to know that their donations are being used wisely, helping those in need and saving lives right across England and Wales.”