Royal Ark Mariner Lodges within the Province

No Lodge Name Meeting Place Date Of Warrant Lodge meets on
6 Adams Lodge Sheerness 14 July 1914 2nd Wed in Jan, May, Oct
44 Florence Nightingale Lodge Mark Masons Hall, London 23 March 1998 4th Tues in Feb, 2nd Tues in May, 4th Mon in Nov
69 United Service Lodge Franklin Rd, Gillingham 25 November 1900 2nd Wed in Feb, Apr, 1st Mon in Nov
152 Dover & Cinque Ports Lodge Dover 6 February 1947 2nd Tues in Feb, Apr, June, Oct
226 Excelsior Lodge Welling 5 September 1946 1st Sat in Feb, May, Nov
237 Dewar Rochester 23 March 1882 2nd Wed in Sept, 4th Wed in May
255 Robinson Lodge Paddock Wood 27 March 1923 3rd Tues in Jan, Feb, Apr, Nov
262 St. Vincent Lodge Canterbury 07 March 1935 4th Fri in Apr, 3rd Thurs in Sept, 4th Sat in Jan
266 Amherst Lodge Sandgate 06 September 1962 1st Thurs in Mar, May, Nov
267 King Charles The Martyr Lodge Tunbridge Wells 01 October 1970 1st Thurs in April, 19th Nov
294 Royal Naval College Mark Masons Hall, London 24 June 1998 2nd Mon in May, 4th Mon in Oct
309 Saye & Sele Lodge Sidcup 01 May 1919 3rd Mon in Apr, Nov, 4th Tues in May
322 Temple Lodge Bromley 18 June 1926 2nd Sat in Jan, June, 3rd Sat in Nov
332 The Greenwich Lodge Mark Masons Hall, London 27 April 1916 4th Thurs in Sept, 2nd Thurs in Apr, Dec
364 Gordon Lodge Gravesend 02 February 1897 1st Wed in Mar, 2nd Mon in May, Sept
380 Folkestone Lodge Folkestone 05 February 1926 4th Wed in Nov, May
390 Granville Lodge Deal 08 March 1920 3rd Mon in Feb, Dec, 2nd Mon in Apr
416 Royal Oak Lodge Sidcup 27 January 1897 2nd Tues in Jan, 3rd Tues in May, Sept
584 Manor Of Chatham Lodge Chatham 04 March 1919 3rd Wed in Feb, Apr, Nov
841 Catford Lodge Bromley 02 May 1946 1st Wed in Apr, June, Dec
842 St. Peter’s Lodge Wigmore, Gillingham 21 August 1960 1st and 2nd fifth Wed (excluding January), 1st fifth Wed after Aug
857 Kentish Lodge Welling 04 May 1944 1st Tues in Mar, Dec, 4th Tues in Sept
876 Knole Lodge Sevenoaks 02 September 1943 2nd Fri in Oct, Dec, Mar
938 Nore Whitstable 5 June 1943 3rd Wed in Mar, May, Sept, Nov
984 Lodge of Harmony Faversham 05 March 1981 1st Thurs in Jan, Mar, May, Dec
999 Kent Installed Commanders Tovil & others 05 December 1992 1st Fri in Sept, Mar
1073 Thanet Lodge Margate 6 March 1952 1st Thurs in Feb, Mar, Nov 3rd Thurs in Apr
1083 Orpington Lodge Bromley 02 October 1975 1st Wed in Feb, Nov, 3rd Fri in May
1089 St.Michael’s Lodge Sittingbourne 03 July 1952 3rd Thurs Mar, 4th Thurs May, 2nd Thurs Nov
1157 Crane Lodge Tenterden 02 November 1972 2nd Thurs in Apr, June, Oct
1233 Pilgrims Lodge Wrotham 02 October 1975 1st Thurs in Sept, Apr
1326 Hundred Of Hoo Lodge Chatham 06 March 1969 1st Wed in Feb, 2nd Wed in Oct
1354 Westwood Lodge Dartford 04 June 1970 4th Thurs in Feb, June
1379 The Lodge of Sympathy Gravesend 10 September 1974 2nd Wed in Feb, June, Dec
1417 The Romney Marsh Lodge Dymchurch 04 December 1980 1st Mon in Mar, Dec
1425 Malling Abbey Lodge West Malling 26 November 1994 4th Mon in Jan, 1st Mon in Jun, 1st First Thurs after August
1448 Manor Of Bexley Lodge Sidcup 22 May 1976 2nd Sat in Mar, May, Dec
1461 Richard Watts Lodge Chatham 04 September 1980 4th Fri in Apr, 3rd Fri in June and 4th Fri in Nov
1494 The Lord Harris Lodge Sidcup 02 October 1980 3rd Fri Feb, 2nd Fri May, Sept, 2nd Tues Dec
1557 Biggin Hill Lodge Sevenoaks 04 October 1982 4th Mon in Apr, Sept, 2nd Mon in Nov
1584 Oakley Lodge Bromley 01 May 1986 4th Tues in Feb, Oct, 2nd Tues in Sept
1682 The North Kent Lodge Wilmington 10 January 1992 4th Sat in March, 3rd Sat in Aug, Dec
1777 Eos Lodge Gravesend 27 April 1998 1st Mon in Mar, June, Nov
1802 Millennium Lodge Sittingbourne 06 January 2001 3rd Sat in June, Oct, Jan
1840 St James’s Lodge Duke Street, St James’ London 29 February 2012 1st Mon in Jan, July
1886 Ravensmead & Mandalay Lodge Bromley 04 April 1968 4th Wed in Apr, Sept
1984 The Erdemont Lodge West Hill, Dartford 29 October 2012 2nd Thur in Feb, Apr, Sept