As we move towards our new Masonic season, the Provincial Executive have made an important update in relation to changes in the Area Chairman roles.

We are extremely pleased to announce that W.Bro. Peter Brockbank will be taking over the role in the West and W.Bro. Jack Jarvis in the North; they are joining W.Bro. John Linkin (East) and W.Bro. Dr. Bob Fisher (South) as the four Area Chairmen for the Province.

Kent Centres

Their role is to aid the Lodges in their area and to assist the senior Provincial Executive with much more detailed information relating to Lodges and individuals within them. They will report directly to the A.Prov.G.M. with responsibility for that Area, being Trevor Sharpe for the South and East and David Stiff for the North and West.

We are looking forward to the progress and development of this vital role, and sincerely hope that this initiative will assist Lodges to return to a period of continued growth. So that many more people will be able to enjoy the very special Order of Mark Master Masons, and the truly beautiful Order of the Royal Ark Mariner as well.

Finally, we extend our thanks to W.Bros. David Pugh and Phil Clare for all of their hard work in getting this extremely important initiative within the Province up and running, they are standing down with immediate effect to concentrate on other Masonic activities.