Fortunately these Beatles lyrics didn’t apply to one of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W. Bro. Ian Gallehawk who, over a 24 hour period, earlier this month Advanced three candidates into the Mark Degree and Elevated another into the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariner!

It is well known that double Silver Pin of Excellence holder Ian is an excellent ritualist, but even by his high standards this was some feat.

On Thursday February 14th he Advanced Bro. Daniel Spencer in The Erdemont Mark Lodge in Dartford.

L-R: W. Bro. W.Bro Peter Reader – Proposer, Bro. Danny Spencer, RW. Bro. Archie Torrance.

On the Friday at Sidcup’s Lord Harris Lodges he Elevated Bro. Graham Feast and then Advanced Bros. Jim Simmonds and Tom Moore. The latter being somewhat of a family affair, as Jim is Tom’s Stepfather, and Tom’s Grandfather Tom Baxter was also present, along with Bro. Bill Ives a fellow member of their Cricklewood Craft Lodge 2361.

L-R: RW. Bro. Archie Torrance, Bro. Graham Feast, W. Bro. Steve Dunsdon- Proposer, Bro. John Milton – Seconder.

L-R: RW. Bro. Archie Torrance – Proposer of both Advancees, Bro. Tom Baxter – Grandfather of Bro. Tom Moore, Bro. Tom Moore, Bro. Jim Simmonds – Stepfather of Tom Moore, W.Bro Trevor Jones – Seconder of both Advances, Bro. Bill Ives.

Our Provincial Grand Master, RW. Bro. Archie Torrance was present on both occasions, being a member of Lord Harris and having paid one of his surprise visits to Erdemont. He is not one who is usually short of words but on this occasion all he said was “Absolutely brilliant!”