It is strange that when we join Freemasonry, we know little about what we are really getting into. Yet we soon begin to form peculiar circles of like-minded individuals with whom we grow and develop.

When we attain our first chair we then form another circle amongst our circuit of Masters, many of whom we have never previously met yet form life-long friendships, both inside and outside of Freemasonry, and so it continues.

One such peculiar group has been meeting within the Mark Province of Kent for more than two decades.

On Saturday 20th April the Deputy D.C.’s Annual Dinner took place at the elegant 17th Century Chilston Park Hotel, midway between Maidstone and Ashford.

As the name suggests, the dining group is made up of past and current Provincial Grand Deputy Directors of Ceremonies of the Mark Province of Kent. Also included are Provincial Grand Directors of Ceremonies who leap-frogged the role of Deputy. Currently the group consists of around twenty full and six associate members.

What makes this group especially interesting is that members of the Provincial D.C. team are, by their very nature, disparate characters who are rarely together in the same room, and when they are one or more of them is busy working!

Thanks to organisers Greg and Nadia Dunham, this years’ event was well supported and 25 diners, including wives and partners, enjoyed a delicious and fantastic meal together in wonderful surroundings.

If you are a Lodge D.C. who aspires to do more at a higher level, please get in contact with our Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Chris Metherell, who will be delighted to hear from you.