As you are probably aware , the Province recently lost a great friend and servant in the person of W. Bro. Brian Meeres.

W. Bro. Brian left a tremendous legacy to the Province, including his prized pocket watch, and his generosity and thoughtfulness will benefit many for some time to come.

Brian was often to be seen wearing his watch and it was decided that a Province-wide raffle would be a fitting way to decide where it went. The esteem and love for Brian was reflected in the fact that the raffle raised a staggering £1,360.00 towards the 2020 Festival.

The lucky winner, Bro. Robert Harman-Bull of Folkestone Mark No.380, was delighted to know that he will be able to wear and display this memento of Brian’s many years of service to the Province for many years to come.

Once again, the Mark Province of Kent has demonstrated how much we collectively value our members and how generous the Lodges and members can be in circumstances, such as these.