At the Provincial Officers’ Mess in Gillingham on 21st April 2017, I announced the following changes to key roles in the Province. These changes will take effect from the date of the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge at the Winter Gardens, Margate on Saturday 30th September 2017.

Current post-holder
New post-holder

Provincial Grand Treasurer:
VW Bro. Tony Latham
W Bro. David Stiff

Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary:
W Bro. Chris Boak
W Bro. Rob Downing

Asst. Provincial Grand Secretary:
W Bro. Malcolm Burkett
W Bro. Peter Hargreaves

2020 Festival Treasurer:

Bro. Peter Lapage

Communications Manager:

W Bro. Robin Evans

I also announced at the Mess that I had set up a Network of Ambassadors to drive forward our efforts around membership, recruitment and retention. I have therefore appointed W Bro. Doug Hughes and W Bro. Ivor Spencer as Lead Ambassadors for the Mark Province of Kent. They will be assisted by 12 Ambassadors, namely, David Austin, Mike Baker, Alan Brown, Simon Clare, Nick Dono, Peter Dowling, David King, Patrick Langdown, Tom Priestman, Paul Settle, Colin Walker and Derek Wilkins.

In addition, following the appointment of W Bro. Ian Gallehawk as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master, it is necessary to make additional changes in other key roles. I am, therefore, pleased to announce that Ian will be succeeded as Provincial Grand Charity Steward by W Bro. Brian Ward. Brian will be succeeded as Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward by W Bro. Peter Hayler who is currently one of our 2020 Festival Area Fundraising Managers.

I would like to thank all the retiring post-holders for their wonderful service to our Province and wish all the newly appointed Brethren every success in their new roles.
RW Bro. Archibald I. Torrance
Provincial Grand Master
Mark Province of Kent