​On November 15th 2018, Cantwara-Byrig Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1168 opened its doors to non-Mark Masons and eight brethren took up the opportunity of hearing first-hand what the Mark Degree is all about.

After ending the regular meeting, the guests were invited into the wonderful Canterbury temple and enjoyed an excellent presentation by W. Bro. Doug Hughes, the Lead Mark Ambassador for the Province. Of the eight guests, two very rapidly declared their intention to join the Mark Degree with others, we hope, poised to follow soon.
Thanks must go to W. Bro. Ivor Spencer, one of the Province’s team of Ambassadors, for his work in putting the evening day together, as well as to local Ambassador W. Bro. Paddy Langdown for arranging the event and supplying the much needed technical equipment.

The next Beyond the Craft event will be held at Gravesend Masonic Centre on Monday January 14th; if you are interested in learning about the Mark Degree, why not join us for a convivial and enlightening evening.