​We are delighted to announce the Consecration of the Fore Cantia Lodge of Mark Master Masons which will take place on Monday 25th March 2019 at the Tunbridge Wells Masonic Centre, St Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9UY.

As you may have worked out from the name, the Lodge will be a common interest Lodge with golf being the theme.

The Regular Meeting dates for the Lodge will be on 1st Thursday in June, 1st Thursday in September and 1st Saturday in December (Installation) and the format for the meetings will be breakfast followed by the Lodge Meeting, and then a round of golf at a pre-selected Golf Club.

These will be very social events and members will be encouraged to invite partners, friends and family to attend the golf and festive board in the evening.

The last time a new Mark Lodge was consecrated in Kent was over 10 years ago, when Dartford’s Erdemont Lodge No. 1894 came in to being, so it is bound to be an exciting event for both the Lodge and the Province.

If you wish to be a Founder of Fore Cantia Lodge of Mark Master Masons or require further details, please contact the Founding Secretary: W.Bro. Keith Stoner k333kls@hotmail.co.uk.