Nyctalopia, or night blindness, is a condition making it difficult or impossible to see in relatively low light, especially at night. It is a symptom of several diseases of the eye and often associated with age.

As we all know, “in this country Freemasons Lodges are usually held in the evening” and the majority of Lodges in both of our friendly and beautiful degrees are no exception.

If night blindness, or for that matter any other condition, keeps you at home in the evenings and stops you from enjoying the company of your Brethren at a Mark or Royal Ark Mariner Lodge then fear not, for the Gravesend centre is home to the Eos daytime Lodges.

The Mark Lodge was consecrated in 1997 and meets in the morning on the first Mondays of March (Installation), June and November, followed by a friendly lunch on the Wrotham Road premises. Part of the Mark Lodge’s consecration brochure reads that the Lodge “…has been formed for those who cannot attend evening meetings for reasons of health, business commitments, family ties, personal preference etc. and therefore it is to meet on weekday mornings.” Eos, pronounced ayuse , was the Greek Goddess of the dawn, hence the appropriate choice of name.

The timing of the meetings makes them ideal for Mark Master Masons who prefer to be home in the evenings. There is a corresponding Royal Ark Mariner Lodge that meets beforehand.

If you want to visit or join, you just need to contact the Secretary/Scribe, W. Bro. Tony Weller, via email –, who assures you of a warm welcome.