I used to be a member of Margate Swimming Club. I spent many hours sitting poolside as a Judge/Timekeeper, travelling all over south east England officiating at galas. I was even to be found on their prize-winning carnival float.

I’m an incurable romantic and once donned fancy dress for a Valentine’s Day dare to deliver flowers to my wife Jill.

Once upon a time I used to be able to play golf, but aside from Freemasonry I now spend my leisure hours participating in an even more frustrating sport, carp fishing.

During the Second World War, my Father served in the Burma Campaign as part of the “Forgotten 14th Army”. To this day I still wear his Burma Star medal with pride every Remembrance Day.

I used to work for a sign company that, amongst many other things, was involved in designing bespoke parts for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at EuroDisney, as it then was. I took part in the “Opening Crew” celebrations in 1992. We did a huge amount of work in the park including signage in the shops, restaurants and hotels.