1. Bob was born and brought up in Peckham, South London. He lived on a small road and on the opposite side, about five doors down lived Alan Lancaster, one of the Founders of Status Quo. They both joined the Bradfield Club, where many years later Bob was introduced to Prince Philip.
  2. At the Bradfield Club he met Alan Larbey who, 67 years later was presented by Bob with his 40 year Craft Citation. He also introduced Alan to The Lord Harris Mark Lodge.
  3. Bob went to school in Kennington, where at the age of 11 one of his first classmates was the now West Kent Craft Treasurer & Mark Master Mason, Peter Sawyer. Football was his first love and he represented South London and went on to Captain Surrey Schools. In one match against Kent, the opposing Captain was Billy Bonds whom he went on to play alongside for the Charlton Youth side.
  4. Bob’s sport of choice is now golf. He recalls a benefit tournament for the Kent cricketer, Min Patel, where he partnered Graham Higgs and they soon reduced Min to their standard! Both Bob and Graham are holders of the Invicta Award ‘For long and distinguished service to Masonry in the Province’ of West Kent.
  5. Whilst as an APGM in West Kent, Jonathan Winpenny asked Bob to be his Deputy in the Royal Arch and he became the first person to hold these two offices at the same time. Usually when one attains such office they are already a Grand Officer, but Bob had yet to achieve this rank in the Royal Arch. When he ordered his new apron, Toye Kenning had to ask the Grand Secretary what to do! In half a century, the apron has only been worn by one Companion and only for one year.