Our Provincial Deputy Grand Chaplain, W. Bro. Graham Higgs, was awarded the Provincial Grand Master’s Invicta Award ‘For long and distinguished service to Masonry in the Province’ at the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent, at Freemasons’ Hall on Tuesday 7th May.

This meritorious award is in the gift of the Provincial Grand Master presently RW. Bro. Mark Estaugh, a PM of the Kent Mark Stewards’ Lodge No.1691.

L-R W. Bro. Grahm Higgs, RW. Bro. Frank Spencer, Grand Director of Ceremonies, RW. Bro. Archie Torrance.

Each year the Provincial Grand Master for West Kent selects recipients who have made invaluable and exceptional contributions to Freemasonry. The identities of the beneficiaries of this prestigious award are kept secret until the very last moment.

Not only is W. Bro. Graham our ProvDepGChap but he is also:

Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master (West Kent)
A Very Worshipful Brother in Craft
Past Provincial Grand Orator (West Kent)
Inspector-General in Rose Croix (West Kent)
A Member of our Kent Mark Golf Association
An Honorary Member of Fore Cantia Lodge No. 2002 (Mark Province of Kent)

Commenting on the Province of West Kent’s Facebook page after receiving the award, Graham wrote “I am immensely grateful for the Invicta Award and for the delightful way in which it was presented. I have been very gratified to receive many charming messages of congratulation, I can only say a big thank to everybody not only for yesterday but also for so many years of joy and happiness with so many wonderful masonic friends. I do not regret a single moment throughout my 48 years in our wonderful fraternity. As an accountant I like to ‘balance the books’ but there is no way that I can ever repay what freemasonry has given to me.”