As reported at the recent Provincial Officers’ Mess, W. Bro. Rob Wilsher has joined the Provincial Membership Committee in the newly created post of Royal Ark Mariner Liaison Officer.

Following on from the introduction of our Network of Ambassadors and the subsequent formation of our Provincial Membership Committee, Rob has been appointed to this exciting and important new role to help to further raise the profile of the Royal Ark Mariner degree and attract candidates for Elevation into this beautiful order within the Province.

Rob will be working closely with the Provincial Executive and all members of the Membership Committee on tasks such as:

Driving efforts in the Province to raise the profile of the R.A.M. degree and the nine reasons to join.
Planning and hosting R.A.M. awareness events.
Delivering talks in Mark & R.A.M. Lodges.

If you would like to assist Rob in his new role then please get in touch.