Sunday the 26th April 2020 may not seem a significant date to most of us, but to W. Bro. Jon Meyer from the Amherst Mark Lodge No. 266 it will be the focus of his attention for the next five months. In quite literally, a last gasp effort.; come rain, shine, wind or hail, Jon will be out training for the 2020 London Marathon which he will run in aid of our 2020 Festival.

Jon is a keen runner and regularly partakes in his local Parkrun on a Saturday morning, as well as other organised runs ranging from 5k to half marathons. When not participating in organised runs he can often be seen running along the sea front between Folkestone and Hythe, or standing knee deep in the sea soothing his calf muscles after a run. However, all of this is baby stuff compared to the task he has set himself. His 27-week training schedule is relentless, involving an ever-increasing distance to be run each week. Certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Jon was delighted that the Provincial Grand Master has given his full support to this initiative by asking each Lodge in the Province to sponsor him for a minimum of £50. All of the sponsorship money received will count towards the MBF and Festival honorifics of the lodge and ultimately our 2020 Festival.

For those wishing to sponsor Jon’s efforts with a personal donation (and he hopes there will be many) there is a Virgin money giving page that Jon has set up from where all the money raised will also be used towards supporting the 2020 Festival.

Provincially, Jon is a member of the Mark Demonstration Team as well as an active Assistant Director of Ceremonies, so there will be plenty of opportunities to meet him, wish him luck and sponsor him while he is out
and about performing his duties.