Recently our Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W. Bro. Brian Ward,  received a letter of thanks from the Kent Association for the Blind, (KAB), in response to a donation made by our Provincial Charity, the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund, (KMBF). The purpose of the KMBF is to render support to local charities or worthy causes within the Province of Kent and sits within the remit of the Provincial Grand Charity Steward.

Lauren Wilsher, Fundraising Manager for the KAB, which has been supporting people with a sight impairment since 1920 and currently supports over 12,000 people, wrote “Thank you for your generous donation of £500 from the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund; it is very much appreciated. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to all the members involved in this wonderful donation. Your support comes at a particularly challenging time given the unprecedented times we are all currently experiencing. As a result of the current pandemic we have had to cancel or reschedule the majority of our fundraising events so your donation means a great deal in allowing us to continue providing our vital support and services to the visually impaired at this difficult time.

“Your generous donation has enabled us to purchase two electronic magnifiers and a selection of talking watches for our new Mobile Sight Centre. These devices enable those with sight loss to complete everyday tasks by themselves and to live lives that are more independent. Your donation will enable us to teach the visually impaired how to use these devices to their fullest ability which will greatly enhance their quality of life.”