At an excellent meeting of Kent Installed Commanders Lodge No.999 on Friday 3rd March, one of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W.Bro. David Stiff, Installed W. Bro. David Austin as the new Worshipful Commander.

Kent Installed Commanders Lodge (KIC) was consecrated in 1992 and as far as we know is the first Past Commanders’ Lodge to be founded with the express purpose of investing Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Ranks within the jurisdiction and dignity of the fraternity.

Membership is available to Installed or Past Commanders of any Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in our Constitution, who are also a subscribing member of another Kent Royal Ark Mariner Lodge.

The Lodge meets twice a year on the first Friday in March (Installation) and September. Like Kent Installed Mark Masters Lodge, the meeting venue is rotated around the Kent Province to make travel arrangements fairer to such a large membership.

As well as providing a distinguished venue for the investiture of Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank, each newly installed Worshipful Commander of the Lodge customarily presents a paper of his own choosing for the attention of the Lodge and their visitors. On this occasion W.Bro. Austin delivered a most entertaining talk on historical aspects of the Royal Ark Mariner Degree.

The meeting was one of those rare moments in our Province when when the rulers of our three service Lodges were present together.

L-R W.Bro. David Barden, W.M. of Kent Installed Mark Masters Lodge No.999, V.W.Bro. Fred Brown, WM of Kent Mark Stewards’ Lodge No.1691 and W.Bro. David Austin, W.Cdr of Kent Installed Commanders Lodge No.999