We are delighted to announce the launch of the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund Patronage Scheme.

Since the culmination of our hugely successful 2020 Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF), our own Kent Mark Benevolent Fund (KMBF) has hit the ground running in supporting a variety of local worthy causes, our members and their dependents. For example, in June, the KMBF donated £5,000 to the Provincial Grand Master’s Discretionary Fund, which has been established to support our members who find themselves facing financial difficulty, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic. Since then, grants totalling more than £12,000 have been made to local worthy causes nominated by members of the Province.
Charities Supported by KMBF in 2020

To continue this important work we need you to Help Us to Help You.

It is the aim of the Mark Province of Kent, working with the KMBF, to become known as a Province that cares for its members and their dependents, as well as supporting local worthy causes. To enable this work to carry on, the Provincial Grand Master announced the introduction of a KMBF Patronage Scheme in January to recognise the efforts of lodges and individuals who donate to the KMBF.
More details of how you can support the work of the KMBF as an individual and/or Lodge can be found here.

The Provincial Grand Master and Trustees of the KMBF thank you for your support, which will enable the KMBF to continue the very worthwhile work it does. Please do help us to help you.