Wednesday 17th April 2019 saw a strong contingent of Kent Mark Master Masons assemble at Mark Masons’ Hall for a meeting of the Royal and Select Masters’ Matier Council No. 3 (Time Immemorial).

The Degrees in the Order – four in total – are often referred to as the ‘Cryptic Degrees’. The ceremonies complete the Solomonic legend as they prove the essential link between the Degrees of Mark Mason, the Raising in Craft, and The Royal Arch. The order is one of the four other orders that require you to be a Mark Master Mason before you can discover their symbolism and further aid your Masonic knowledge and journey.

The meeting was honoured by a visit from R. Ill. Comp. Vincent John Driver, District Grand Master for London, who witnessed the Most Excellent Master Degree conferred on three candidates, Harpreet Giani, Samuel Cross and Kent Mark’s Julian Trought by Ill. Comp. Christopher Stewart. Plus the Installation of new Thrice Illustrious Master, David Lucas, by the outgoing T.I.M., Scott Cargill.

Other Kent mark brethren present were:

Ill. Comp. Archie Torrance, District Grand Sword Bearer for London, a Past Master of Grand Master’s Council No. 1 (PGM)
Ill. Comp. David Green, District Grand Recorder designate for London, a Past Master of Grand Master’s Council No. 1 (Past DPGM)
Ill. Comp. Rod Bradley, District Grand Director of Ceremonies designate for London (a former member of Greenwich Mark Lodge No. 332)
Ill. Comp. David Riddoch, Recorder of Matier Council No. 3 (a Founder of Mandalay Mark Lodge No. 1886)
Comp. Julian Trought, a member of Matier Council No. 3 (WM of Robinson Mark Lodge No. 255)