Sunday 14 May 2017 saw the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Archie Torrance, attend the Tovil Centre as President of the annual Kent Mark Provincial Family Luncheon. This was, again, organised by WBro Martin Ransom under the auspices of the Kent Mark Stewards Lodge 1691. With some 105 members, family and friends booked in to dine, the hall was full and a light-hearted, happy atmosphere continued throughout the afternoon.

This event has always been held as a fun, social gathering where members enjoy a convivial afternoon with family and friends, cementing the view that the Mark Degree is the Friendly degree. A happy spin-off of the afternoon was that £400 was raised in support of the 2020 Festival.

Many thanks must, again, go to WBro Martin Ransom for all his hard work in, once again, making the event such a resounding success.