Our provincial charity, the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund (KMBF), has authorised donations totalling £5,500 to support the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine Flag

The first donation of £5,000 was made to our national charity the MBF in support of its work with The District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Romania for them to support refugees of Ukraine.

Secondly, a more local donation of £500 has been made to Whitstable lawyer Francis Wildman who, being gripped by the Ukraine crisis and plight of the refugees fleeing the country, has taken a sabbatical from his practice and his family and has driven his people carrier from Kent, across Europe and into Poland where he is carrying refugees to whichever destination they are headed. Since March 2022, at his own expense, he has driven refugees from Poland to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Portugal.

His family and friends have got together and have made several cash donations (via PayPal) to enable him to buy fuel and feed the refugees on their journeys. Recognising his amazing work, the KMBF has donated £500 to Francis to assist with his costs.