WBro Domenico Macciomei is a member of our Twin Lodge, Pico della Mirandola Lodge 1896 in the District of Italy and is an honorary member of Lord Harris Mark Lodge 1494. At the Twinning Ceremony of the two Lodges, WBro Domenico Macciomei attended as the then Worshipful Master of Pico della Mirandola Mark and District Grand Overseer – Italy.

WBro Domenico is a leading expert in the field of ophthalmology and is prominent in Frosinone in Italy as regards charitable activity, particularly as regards supporting the local football club.

For his contribution to Italian Society, WBro Domenico has been invested, by the President of Italy, as a Knight of the Republic of Italy and is now known as Don Domenico Macciomei. WBro Domenico can be seen pictured displaying his Presidential certificate.

Needless to say, this is a great (although much deserved) honour and all at Lord Harris Mark Lodge and, indeed, all in the Province of Kent, extend their congratulations to WBro Domenico.