​The Lord Harris Mark Lodge No. 1494 which was named after our 6th Provincial Grand Master George St. Vincent Harris, who went on to become Grand Master, has commissioned its own, unique, Mark Tokens. Lord Harris’ face appears embossed on the obverse of the Mark token and the three hedgehogs of his family coat of arms appears on the reverse.

The striking token was designed by W. Bro. Nick Emerton-Court (Mark District of Italy and a member of Pico della Mirandola Lodge in Rome with which The Lord Harris Mark Lodge are twinned). The design was approved by members of the Lodge and a total of 150 pieces have been made – 100 to the Lodge at nil cost; the remaining 50 to be sold to collectors to cover the overall costs.

W. Bro. Nick presented the 100 tokens to the Lodge, at their meeting on Friday 15th February, and they are now selling the them for £10 each to raise money for the 2020 Festival.

Anyone wishing to purchase one of the Lord Harris tokens or who is interested in commissioning their own Lodge’s Mark Token, should contact submissions@kentmarkmastermasons.org.uk and we will pass your details on.