On Tuesday 10th September, Bromley’s Oakley Lodge of Mark Master Masons advanced two new candidates into our friendly degree.

The double Advancement ceremony was carried out by the Provincial Grand Master’s Demonstration Team, which was originally established to assist Lodges who do not have a Candidate for a regular meeting. However, on this occasion they performed the actual ceremonies to their usual impeccable standards.

Both candidates, Razak Rumjahn and Luke Grey were proposed as a result of a Magic of the Mark event hosted by Oakley Mark Lodge in February.

At the same meeting the Lodge also accepted two joining members and the secretary gave even more good news, when he announced the names of two more candidates for Advancement at the next meeting.

Oakley Mark Lodge is a great example of the work being carried out by the Provincial Membership Committee. Until the recent positive turn of events, the Lodge had only Advanced one candidate since 2012 and having fallen to just 11 subscribing members in total, were clearly in need of support. The Province duly supplied the means to help and the members of Oakley Lodge grabbed it with both hands.

Things are clearly looking up at Oakley Mark, if you would like your Lodge to be part of this success then please contact us for more details.