On Sunday 3rd October Jon Meyer, Keith Beavers, and Ryan Partridge from Amherst, Shorncliffe and Hythe, and Lodge of Harmony Mark respectively took part in the London and Virtual London Marathons to raise money for the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund.

W. Bro Jon was one of the 40,000 runners who set off from Blackheath to run in the 2021 London Marathon. True to say that Jon did not cause Sissy Lemma from Ethiopia, the eventual winner of the elite race too many headaches but he did have a cameo appearance on the television as he crossed Tower bridge. Sadly, with only 4 miles to go Jon suffered severe muscle cramp which forced him to stop running. Despite this setback Jon finished with a time of 4 hours 44 minutes and 47 seconds putting him 925th in his age category.

W. Bro’s Keith and Ryan set off from the Masonic Hall in Faversham at 08.10 closely followed by their support team Julie Beavers and Liz Partridge (in cars) to ensure both runners were kept hydrated along the route. 5 minutes into the run Keith was forced to call upon his support team for a change of trainers after treading on some broken glass, thankfully his foot was not too badly cut and he was able to carry on. Keith finished 226th in his age category with a time of 4 hours 38 minutes and 11 seconds. Ryan who is still struggling to regain his full fitness after contracting Covid -19 midway through his training ran a steady race to complete his marathon with a time of 6 hours 22 minutes and 9 seconds which put him 1486th in his age group.

Collectively they raised sponsorship in excess of £600 for the KMBF.

W. Bro Perri Ahmet, the chairmen of the board of KMBF trustees said “Jon, Keith and Ryan should be applauded and congratulated by us all for all the time and effort they have put into training for, and eventually running in this event to raise money in support of the KMBF. It truly was a herculean effort that will benefit many people”.