Wednesday 20 September saw the latest Mark Awareness Evening take place at Whitstable Masonic Centre under the banner of the Whitstable Lodge No. 938. The meeting was facilitated by Lead Ambassador, Ivor Spencer, and saw some 45 Brethren attending, nearly 20 of whom were not yet Mark Masons.

Given the informative and light hearted nature of the evening, there is no doubt that the Mark Province will grow by several members.

Well done to Ivor Spencer, Doug Hughes and everyone else, who arranged the event and delivered presentations on the night. This is clearly a good way forward for the Mark Province of Kent.

After the event the Provincial Grand Master, Archie Torrance, sent his “Sincere congratulations to Ivor Spencer, Doug Hughes, David Green, Fred Brown and our Network of Ambassadors on hosting a highly successful Mark Awareness evening”.