At the meeting of Lord Harris Mark Lodge No. 1494 on 13 December, at the invitation of WBro Trevor Jones, the current Master, the Lodge was delighted to welcome the Mayor of Bexley, Councillor Eileen Pallen, and her husband, Mark, as special guests at the festive board following the meeting.

The Mayor’s chosen charities for her year in office are Alzheimer’s Bexley and Tackling Loneliness in Older People. WBro Trevor presented two cheques to the Mayor to assist with her charities; one for £100 from Lord Harris Mark Lodge and one for £100 from the (Craft) Motorcycling Lodge of West Kent No 9899, one of WBro Trevor’s Craft Lodges. After receiving the cheques, Eileen and Mark joined the Lodge at a white table for carols and festivities to round off an excellent day.