At the Provincial Officers’ Mess on 22nd April 2017, the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Archie Torrance, announced the introduction of a new initiative – a Provincial ‘Network of Ambassadors’ – to help raise the profile of the Mark Province of Kent and to help our Province grow.

The two newly appointed Lead Ambassadors, W Bro. Doug Hughes and W Bro. Ivor Spencer, were joined by members of their new team and several guest speakers – Robin Evans, Mike Baker and Scott Dunn – at Maidstone Masonic Centre at the end of May. Those present discussed the role of the Network of Ambassadors and planned future activities. The discussions, and exchange of views, generated some important and innovative ideas from the guests, and was a lively informative session.

It was agreed to attend future events throughout Kent and build relationships with the Craft and Royal Arch Provinces of East Kent and West Kent. Also, following the successful Mark Information Night at Bromley in May, it was agreed to promote a second Mark Open Evening at Whitstable on 20th September 2017. The whole team will continue to work with the Masonic centres, and all Kent Masons, to promote and grow this friendly Order.

The main duties of the Network of Ambassadors are…

to increase awareness and understanding of the Mark Degree;
to work as a team, and independently, to raise the profile of the Mark Degree and to promote and encourage recruitment;
to work with the Lead Ambassadors to generate and develop innovative ideas and plans for developing them and to assist with marketing displays and advertising at Masonic events.

The success of this initiative will be determined by increased member numbers, a reduction in the number of weak lodges in the Province and a greater awareness of the Mark Degree in Kent.
W Bro. Douglas B Hughes