At the meetings of The North Kent Royal Ark Mariner & Mark Lodges, held on Saturday 20th August, new and old came together in true style.

At the Royal Ark Mariner Installation Meeting, “old hand”, Peter Wise was Installed as Worshipful Commander by John Munton in the presence of  newly Appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Trevor Sharpe.

The following Mark meeting saw the Advancement of Kevin Bush, a well known West Kent Craft and Royal Arch Freemason.

L-R John Munton, Trevor Sharpe, Peter Wise, Kevin Bush, George Chandler.

Present to see Kevin Advanced in Mark Masonry was his old friend George Chandler, a recent Advancee of Faversham’s Lodge of Harmony, who had been proposed into Freemasonry by Kevin. George is so new to Mark Masonry that Kevin’s Advancement was the first that he had experienced since his own earlier this year.

During both meetings, Honorary Membership was afforded to David Austin, David James, David Moore and Robert Howlett, collectively and colloquially known as the “FRONKS” – The Friends of North Kent. All four are old friends and regular visitors to both the Royal Ark Mariner & Mark Lodges, and it is unusual if one or more of them doesn’t take office at short notice to cover for absentees.