A quick glance at the 2023 “Red Book” will tell you that in 2015 membership of the eponymous Hundred of Hoo Lodge of Mark Master Masons had fallen to 10 and remained thereabouts for 5 years. Membership now stands at 20, a 100% increase.

So what happened?

As part of the Province’s 3R’s membership initiative, built around recruitment, retention and reinvigoration, the Lodge was introduced to the local sections of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association, who had expressed an interest in forming a common-interest Mark Lodge in Kent for motorcyclists.

In the past 3 years the Lodge has welcomed 13 new members, most of whom are motorcyclists from varying backgrounds and differing machinery:

November 2019 – 5 Joining Members
November 2021 – 2 Advancements
January 2022 – 2 Advancements
March 2022 – 1 Joining Member
June 2022 – 2 Advancements
November 2022 – 1 Advancement

But the good news doesn’t stop there, with the following meetings already in their diary:

January 2023 – 2 Advancements
March 2023 – 1 Advancement
June 2023 – 2 Advancements

As well as regular Lodge business, members regularly partake in Widows Sons’ ride outs and charity runs.¬†For more details on how to join this successful Lodge please contact us and we’ll pass on your details.