The Mark Province of Kent has Lodges of many ages, ranging from 158 years to 7 years. Every milestone is to be celebrated but anything with a zero is always of particular significance. Achieving a half century is always particularly meaningful.
It was, therefore, a very special occasion on 28 October 2015 when Paddock Wood Mark 1292 met to celebrate 50 years of Mark Masonry.

The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Archibald Iain Torrance, together with Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro David Green, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Bro Ralph Apperley, and a delegation of Active Provincial Officers attended to share the event and make it even more meaningful.

As if to show that the Lodge is still thriving after 50 years, Bro Gerald Miller was Advanced into Mark Masonry at the meeting. Certainly a most memorable event for a new Advancee!

46 Brethren packed out the dining hall at a very convivial Festive Board and a very pleasing £250 was raised by the raffle, showing that the Lodge is well poised to continue its support for the 2020 Festival.

A picture of the Lodge and Provincial team was taken to form an historical record for future generations to look back upon with pride!