As part of the Provincial Communication Strategy, the use of social media to improve communication within the Mark Province of Kent has been agreed in principle.

We are pleased to announce that the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Archie Torrance, has launched a new account on the popular social media platform Twitter. The account went live on Friday 14th October 2016 and can be accessed by logging on to and searching for the handle @PGMKentMark.

RW Bro. Archie said: “We have been debating the use of social media to improve communication within the Province for some time now and I am very pleased to play my part via Twitter. I have been using a personal account on Twitter for several years and it is time to extend it to my official duties as PGM.

I do hope that members of the Province, and those who are not yet Mark Master Masons, will consider following me on Twitter; that they will check out my ‘tweets’ from time to time and that they find them interesting.

I am particularly grateful to W Bro. Mike Baker and W Bro. Ian Gallehawk who have been tremendously helpful to my senior team and me around all aspects of communication. I am also grateful to VW Bro. Bob Tuthill who continues to support the Province as our Webmaster.”

Please do consider setting up your own Lodge or personal Twitter account and join in the fun.