As part of the continued effort by the Mark Province of Kent to deliver on our priority of Welfare, Welfare, Welfare, I am today announcing the introduction of a Provincial Care & Welfare Committee.

I shall Chair this new Committee myself. Assisting me will be Fred Brown DPGM as Deputy Chair; Peter Hayler Provincial Grand Almoner; Colin Walker Provincial Assistant Grand Almoner; Nick Waller Provincial Grand Treasurer; David Green PastDPGM, Chair – KMBF Board of Trustees; Martyn Summers Provincial Retention Officer; and a Secretary who has yet to be appointed.

The Committee will oversee all aspects of care, welfare and benevolence including the work of the Provincial Grand Almoner and his team; the profile of welfare on the Provincial website and in the Kent Masonic Yearbook. The Committee will meet twice yearly or more frequently if necessary. Video conferencing will be considered as an acceptable alternative to face to face meetings, at least in the short term.

The Provincial Assistant Grand Almoner role has been created with effect from 26 September 2020. It replaces the Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward role, which will no longer be necessary when the 2020 Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund concludes next month.

I hope that you will feel that these changes are further evidence that we are serious about looking after the needs of our members. I am confident that this new approach will be an improvement on our current arrangements.

Yours aye,

R.W. Bro. Archibald I. Torrance
Provincial Grand Master
The Comittee