As this is the start of what would have been a new Masonic season, it is timely to be looking ahead and considering how we plan to return the Mark Province of Kent to a period of sustained growth.

I am therefore delighted to announce the launch of our Provincial Membership Growth Strategy 2019-2024.

A lot of work has gone into producing this Strategy and I am grateful to the members of our Provincial Membership Committee for their hard work. In particular, I would wish to mention the small sub-committee of Trevor Sharpe, Barry Devereese and Perri Ahmet who drafted the Strategy.

I am also pleased to announce that we are introducing the role of Lodge Membership Co-ordinators in all Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in Kent. Evidence shows that, when a named individual is appointed to this role, greater focus is brought to the subject of attracting new members (recruitment), retaining existing members (retention) and breathing life into Lodges (reinvigoration). W. Bro. Perri Ahmet, P.G.J.D. Dep.Prov.G.M.- designate will be writing to Lodges soon to seek nominations for Lodge Membership Co-ordinators.

This is an exciting time for the Mark Province of Kent. We have just completed a highly successful MBF Festival, our approach to care, welfare and benevolence is being significantly improved and we now need to focus on growing our Lodges again. I ask for your full support for the new Membership Growth Strategy and Lodge Membership Co-ordinators, both of which I commend to you. I am confident that we can really make a difference if we all work together to make Kent the best Mark Province it can be.

Yours aye,

R.W. Bro. Archibald I. Torrance
Provincial Grand Master