A little over 51 years after his Advancement into Carnarvon Lodge of Mark Master Masons on 10th October 1970, R.W.Bro. Roland John Wade, our 11th Provincial Grand Master, was able to celebrate his Golden Anniversary in style at Sidcup’s Saye and Sele Mark Lodge No.309.

At a busy meeting, attended by our current Prov.G.M. R.W.Bro. Peter David Williams, the Lodge carried out the double Advancement of Father and Son David and Shaun Christopher Morrall.

R.W.Bro. Roland’s 50th Anniversary celebrations were postponed by the Coronavirus pandemic. However, this didn’t stop him finally and properly marking his important milestone with the members of his Lodge and a large retinue of Provincial and Grand Officers including four who had been part of his executive when he was Prov.G.M. among the guests and visitors.

It was particularly fitting that Peter was able to present Roland with his certificate, as it was Roland who had presented Peter’s Father, Robert (Pop) with his 50th certificate during his tenure as Prov.G.M.

After his Advancement into Carnarvon Lodge in 1970, R.W.Bro. Roland joined Saye and Sele in 1976 and Kent Installed Mark Masters in 1978. He attained the Active Grand Rank of G.J.O. in 1997 and became our 11th Provincial Grand Master at Bromley in 2003 serving until 2008, having been Dep.Prov.G.M. for the preceding nine years.

W.Bro. Roland was Elevated into Carnarvon Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners in 1971 and joined Sidcup’s Saye and Sele Lodge in 1977.

He was Appointed to R.A.M.G.R. in 1998.

As you would expect from such a distinguished Freemason, Roland is a Member, Founder and/or Honorary Member of myriad other Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges, both in our Province and further afield.