Saturday 8th January 2016 was a memorable day in the history of Temple Mark Lodge No. 322 as not only did the PGM, RW Bro. Archie Torrance, attend but he was able to present a 50 year Certificate to a member of the Lodge.
He was present with the usual escorting team of active Provincial Officers who were able to witness a lovely Ceremony when 23 year old Bro. Simon Athwal was Advanced to become a member of the Lodge. The WM, W. Bro. John Dean, produced an enjoyable ceremony and was well supported by his Officers.

This was quite a special day for the WM as he was celebrating 50 years since he was himself Advanced in to the Lodge on 20th November 1965. The event was marked with the PGM recalling some of the highlights of both W. Bro. John’s Masonic & Civilian careers culminating with the presentation to him of a 50 year Certificate. W. Bro. John gave suitable thanks for the presentation.

The Lodge was also able to welcome Bro. Julian Trout as a Joining member with the PGM himself being welcomed as an Honorary member of the Lodge.

The busy day’s activities were brought to a close with a Festive Board worthy of the occasion.