As is the norm in even years, the 2020 Annual Provincial Meeting was scheduled to be held at Oakley House in Bromley on the customary last Saturday of September, under the Banner of Temple Lodge No. 322. However due to the global Covid-19 pandemic this understandably proved not to be possible due to current Government restrictions.

On this unique occasion, as a result of forward thinking by Mark Masons’ Hall and the use of secure video conferencing software, the meeting was held remotely and safely on the evening of Tuesday 29th September with more than 150 Mark Brethren in attendance.

The Paper of Business and Provincial Brochure were circulated beforehand along with an online facility to make an Alms donation to the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund.

After a scene-setting announcement by W. Bro. Ivor Spencer, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, the meeting was officially opened by R.W. Bro. Archibald Iain Torrance, Provincial Grand Master who welcomed everyone to this special meeting. The usual business of the meeting was handled efficiently, including:

The election of Bro. Peter Lapage as the new Provincial Grand Treasurer.
Confirmation of the decision to waive Provincial Dues for 2019/20.
Confirmation of the appointments of W. Bro. Perri Ahmet as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and David Stiff and Martyn Summers as Assistant Provincial Grand Masters.
Confirmation of Provincial Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Appointments and Promotions.

The meeting was honoured with the presence of the Pro Grand Master. M.W. Bro. Raymond John Smith, who addressed the meeting. He spoke of his recent return from Jersey where there were signs displaying ‘we’re resilient, we’re determined and
we’re Jersey’. Continuing to comment that from all he had been involved with in Lodges, Provinces and indeed Grand Lodge since lockdown began, resilient and determined – is exactly how he felt the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees were coping with the issues we currently face.

The Provincial Grand Master then made his annual address to the Province, in which he spoke of what a year this has been and how when he delivered his 7th Address to Provincial Grand Lodge in Margate last year, none of us could have imagined what lay ahead. You can read his address in full here, in which he outlined the various achievements and initiatives that had been made over the past twelve months and what lies ahead for the future.

He closed the meeting by expressing his thanks to everyone for attending and declaring that until we meet again, may the Great Overseer of the Universe keep you safe and well.