The aims of the Bromley Brighter Beginnings charity are simple; to provide essential baby, child or household items to families in financial hardship in the borough, many of whom are fleeing domestic violence. The Trustees of the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund (KMBF) have supported the work of the charity with a grant of £3,800 to be used towards beds, uniforms and baby boxes.

They recently relaunched their successful €˜A Bed for Every Child €™ programme to ensure each child across the borough has a bed of their very own. According to End Child Poverty 20% of children in Bromley live in poverty. Sadly, in many such families the children do not have a bed of their own €“ instead, they are sleeping on the floor, the sofa, or sharing a bed with another family member.

Founder of the charity, Emma Martin, told us “Giving a child their own bed costs nearly £300, yet it increases the chance of a better night €™s sleep which can, in turn, lead to improved concentration and performance at school. There are also benefits to a child €™s health and wellbeing, raising their sense of self-esteem”.

Bromley Brighter Beginnings provide a bed with in-built storage, so the child has somewhere to keep their personal belongings, and also provide the mattress, duvet, pillows and bedding. You can find out more about the work of the charity at