The Worshipful Master of the Amherst Mark Lodge No 266, W. Bro. David Woods, and the brethren of the Lodge were delighted to welcome the Provincial Grand Master RW. Bro. Archibald Iain Torrance to their regular meeting at the Sandgate Masonic Centre on January 24th.

The Provincial Grand Master was accompanied by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. Ivor Spencer and six escorting Provincial officers making a total of 41 for the meeting.

The Provincial Grand Master was escorted into the Lodge accompanied by his escort team of active officers and Grand Lodge Officers under the precise direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. On reaching the pedestal the Provincial Grand Master was warmly greeted by the Worshipful Master and was offered the gavel. The Provincial Grand Master said he was delighted to be at the meeting but on this occasion declined the very kind offer, informing the Worshipful Master that he was very much looking forward to seeing the ceremony of Advancement performed by the Lodge. Without further ado the Worshipful Master, assisted by his officers Advanced Bro Colin MacKenzie to a very high standard.

On completion of the ceremony, and after the rest of the Lodge business had been completed the assembled brethren gathered for photographs before retiring to the festive board to dine, at which the brethren enjoyed a superb meal, with lots of good-humoured
banter flowing freely. An extremely witty and humorous toast was given to the Provincial Grand Master by Bro Chic Cameron, where he reminded the Provincial Grand Master of all things good to come out of Scotland. The Provincial Grand Master responded to his toast by firstly thanking the brethren of the Amherst Lodge for their fabulous efforts in supporting the 2020 festival before he set about responding with aplomb to the points made by Bro Chic culminating in the “Coupe de Gras” of reminding him that Kilmarnock FC,
the team he supports, had recently beaten Rangers FC, Bro Chic’s team 2-1, in the Scottish Premier league.

In conclusion the night could be summed up as a triumph for Mark Masonry and one that will be remembered by all the Brethren of Amherst Lodge No 266 and their visitors but especially by their newest member, Brother Colin Mackenzie.